WATCH: Amateur jockey falls off horse, hits fence & somersaults in air, then walks away

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Ouch, that must hurt!

Amateur jockey Lewis Ferguson suffered a horrific tumble off his horse during last week's race at the Wincanton Racecourse in the United Kingdom.

A video showed Ferguson about to  jump over a fence atop the horse called Merrion Square, when he slipped off the saddle.

As he hung for dear life aside the beast, Ferguson hit the fence.

The impact sent him somersaulting into the air before he landed smack on the ground.

Amazingly, his horse Merrion Square successfully made the jump and galloped away from the scene.


Even more amazing was the aftermath - showing Ferguson walking away on his own.

He later told UK's Mirror that everything was a bit of a blur.

He said:

"To be honest, the rest was a blur. I didn’t really know what had happened.
"I stood back up and didn’t really think it was that bad a fall, then I watched the replays."

Ferguson lateer tweeted that he was fine, aside from being winded and having a sore head.



Sources: Mirror, YouTube

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