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Your Say: Road bully needs counselling

This article is more than 12 months old


I refer to the report "I'm sorry... but leave my family alone" (The New Paper, yesterday) on Mr Quek Zhen Hao, dubbed the road bully.

He claimed to be scared and worried about the threats his girlfriend and his family members received after his reckless acts on the road.

I am surprised.

Evidently, he felt like a hero when he took the law into his own hands and bullied other road users.

Did he think of the fear he could have put into his victims at that time?

Did he take into consideration the safety of his victims, or his own for that matter?

That was the time when he should have thought of his girlfriend and family members.

I do not feel hatred for him, but I certainly hate his actions. And I feel the law should take immediate action against him and send him for counselling.

For his own benefit and for the safety of others, he should have full knowledge of the consequences of his actions and learn to control his temper.

Reacting in such an irresponsible manner and taking the law into his hands has to be taken seriously.

I hope Mr Quek will reflect on all these and learn the right lessons.