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'Paralysed bride' expecting first child with surrogate

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Right before her wedding, she broke her neck after being pushed into a swimming pool during her bachelorette party. 

One of the first questions Rachelle Friedman Chapman asked when she was being attended to by emergency medical workers by the side of the pool?

Whether she would be able to have children.

The answer was yes, and four years on, her dream is coming true, with the help of a surrogate. 


The surrogate is a college friend who had followed her story on her blog, and decided to help out Chapman and her husband Chris, 32.

The couple spent US$15,000 (S$18,700) on IVF treatments, money raised by friends through an online fundraiser, reported Today.com. 


After she broke the news on Facebook, though, there were some who questioned whether she was fit to be a mother, due to her paralysis. 

Friedman hit back.

“No one ever questions the physical ability of a single parent, and yet there are two of us in this effort," she told Today.com.

"You have Chris, who is completely able bodied, and then there's me, who maybe can't do as much as he can — but I can do a lot more than people think.

“It's not going to be easy and we're completely aware that it may not be 50-50. But this wasn't just my decision, it was Chris's, too."

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