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Past cases of 'love scams'

This article is more than 12 months old

JUNE 2013

Sixty foreigners, including 49 Nigerians, who were involved in an elaborate love scam were arrested in Malaysia.Their modus operandi was to court women through social media and promise to send them pricey gifts. Then, they would say the items had been seized by customs and needed money to release them.


Nigerian Akibon Michael Mayokun, 33, was arrested in Malaysia over allegations that he swindled a Singaporean woman after romancing her online.

He claimed trialand was acquitted after the prosecution offered no more evidence.

JULY 2012

Two Singaporean women were jailed six and four months for laundering criminal proceeds.

They had allowed their bank accounts to be used by Nigerians who scammed others of money by claiming they had been detained at Changi Airport and needed money for their release.