PM Lee Hsien Loong chides S'pore hipsters for not picking up after themselves

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How many hipsters does it take to turn Gardens by the Bay into trash by the bay?

Apparently, 13,000 people - the number that turned up at Singapore's sold-out Laneway Festival on Saturday.

On Facebook, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong lightly chided Singaporeans for not cleaning up after themselves after one of the biggest music festivals in Singapore.

Placing a photo of the festival's aftermath besides a photo of a Myanmar fan cleaning up after an AFF Suzuki Cup match in November, Mr Lee reminded Singaporeans that "it takes a continuous effort to keep Singapore clean".

He added:

"All of us can play a part - picking up our own litter, educating our children and grandchildren, and reminding others to do the right thing."


So here's the question: How many people does it take for hipsters to clean up after themselves?

Apparently, all it takes is your Prime Minister.

Below are some photos of what The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay looked, post-litterbugs.






With more outdoor gigs lined up over the next few months, here's hoping that hipsters would have learned by then:

1. The Gathering at Fort Canning Green


2. Future Music Festival Asia 


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