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Queen's Brian May pays $20,000 for his guitar to fly first class

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How much does Queen's guitarist Brian May love Red Special?

Enough to buy the Old Lady a first class seat on a recent flight from London to Los Angeles.

That all sounds mighty fine considering he's a rock legend who is rolling in cash -- except Red Special isn't a person. It's an electric guitar.

That's a whopping £10,000 (S$20,000) for a seat in the first class cabin of a British Airway plane for an inanimate object that can't eat or drink or enjoy any of the amenities available.

The 67-year-old was reportedly worried that his precious instrument would get damaged if placed in the hold with other luggage.

Mirror reported a source close to May as saying: "There is no way he would have allowed it to be treated like any other piece of luggage."

The source added: "There are few things in Brian’s life that he is as passionate about as his guitar."

Red Special was built by May himself in his father's workshop 40 years ago, reported Mail Online. 

It is credited as being a key part of Queen’s signature sound, said the news site.

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