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Odd news that's for real

Game Of Thrones shirt gets dad suspended

Fantasy TV show Game Of Thrones has millions of fans around the world - but not everybody gets it.

In January, Francis Schmidt, a professor of art and 3-D animation at a US community college was suspended after posting a picture of his young daughter doing yoga in a Game Of Thrones T-shirt. 

The shirt was emblazoned with the slogan "I will take what is mine with fire and blood" - the tagline for the current season. But a dean at Bergen Community College in New Jersey took it as a threat.

Prof Schmidt was called in for an interview the next day to explain the post. He claims the panel appeared unfamiliar with the fantasy series. He was told the word "fire" could relate to "AK-47s".

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'Vandal' responsible for flat tyres is a dog

For months, a vandal had plagued the quiet town of Brampton, in the north of England.

Residents in one street would wake up to find their car tyres damaged and deflated. It happened so often over a six-month period that they even installed closed circuit television cameras to catch the culprit in action.

To their surprise, the vandal was a border collie called Jess.

The Daily Mail reports that the dog’s owners, retirees Edward and Jean Morgan, were "mortified" when presented with the video evidence.

Said Mr Morgan: "She is the most obedient and affectionate dog we have ever had and it is just shocking to hear this terrible news."

Because of the dog's apparent good nature, the couple rarely walked it on a leash.

Last week, Cumbria Police tweeted a picture of Jess caught in the act.

The police officer who solved the mystery said that it looked like Jess was just sniffing the tyres, but on closer inspection she was actually biting them.

The Morgans have reimbursed those who reported damage caused by Jess.

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