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Is sexting your thing?

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How do 1,500 US consumers share and store intimate data on their mobile devices with their current or former significant other? Internet security company McAfee reveals that most adults share such details via unsecured digital devices, based on findings from its 2014 Love and Technology survey.


Of those who will be celebrating Valentine's Day on social media:
80% women 72% men

76% will post messages
58% will post photos


54% send or receive intimate content on their mobile device
70% of 18-24 year olds receive intimate content
61% of men send intimate content on their mobile device vs 48% of women
45% store intimate content they receive
77% send intimate content to partner


69% are securing their smartphones with a password or passcode
74% of men protect their mobile device vs 65% of women

More than two-thirds of men are interested in purchasing biometric security embedded capabilities


32% ask their former partner to delete information
96% trust their partner with intimate content
50% share phone content with their partner
30% stalk their former partner on social media


46% share their password with another person
42% use the same password for multiple devices
98% use mobile device to take photos

*About the survey: 1,519 online interviews among adults aged 18-54