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She had hand surgery to make engagement ring looked better

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​Her husband proposed to her last year with a beautiful engagement ring.

Sounds perfect?

Of course it is, that is why Christa wanted to show off her ring on her social networking sites. But after she snapped a few photos of her hand, she realised she didn't like the way her hands looked.

The 33-year-old from New York then turned to the only solution she could think of. Surgery.

Less veiny, less red

She asked her dermatologic surgeon Dr Ariel Ostad to smooth out her hands with fillers so they looked less veiny. She also thought her knuckles were "very red".

After the procedure, Christa was happier about how her hands look.

"The veins are not as blue," she said. 

Dr Ostad said that the quest for the perfect selfie is fast becoming a strong motivator for women wanting plastic surgery.

"I've noticed over the last six months that patients actually bring a selfie into the examining room," he said. "They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix."

Source: ABC News