Singapore, do you want this? Mexico City gives free train rides in return for squats

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Are you game to do 10 squats - in exchange for a free train ride?

Well, that's what the government of Mexico City is offering train commuters.

They are introducing a new initiative, where Mexicans will get a token for a free subway ride in exchange for chalking up 10 squats in front of a ticket-dispensing motion sensor.

The "health station" also tell passengers how many calories they have burned.

This is one of the ways that the Central American country is trying to combat and tackle obesity - "the number one health issue" - according to Health Minister Jose Armando Ahued.

About 70 per cent of adults and nearly a third of children are overweight or obese in the country – a higher rate than the United States and Australia.

Squat machines at 15 train stations 

Public officials are eager to pitch in and do their part in tackling the problem

The city is looking to install 30 squat machines in 15 train stations that see the most traffic.

On top of that, the first 80,000 people to join the program will be handed pedometers.

The price of a ride is about 5 pesos ($0.46).

And a free ride is certainly welcome in a country where minimum wage is 70 pesos.

Hmm, wonder if Singaporeans will take to something like this.

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