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Another 14 men, including a S'porean, caught using illegal Causeway shortcut

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Another 14 people were caught trying to use the illegal path to bypass the Johor Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ).

Among those caught was one Singaporean who was trying to bypass the morning jam along the Causeway by using the shortcut.

According to The Star Online, the operation was conducted between 4.30am and 8am on Tuesday (June 30).

Ops Ikrar (Serkap) was carried out by 55 officers from Malaysia's Immigration Department.

On June 26, the Malaysian immigration authorities caught 37 people, including one Singapore, during the same operation.

According to the deputy assistant director of the Johor Immigration, Mr Zulkifli Abd Rahman, the men, all of whom were in their 40s, were walking separately along the path near the railway tracks to sneak across the border that allows them to go through the Johor CIQ.

“When they realised our pre­sence, they tried to run but we ma­naged to arrest them,” he said.

They are being detained at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar CIQ complex of the Immigra­tion Act.

“We want to remind the public who commute to Singapore for work to do so via authorised entry and exit points as it is a serious offence to use illegal routes.

“The department will not hesitate to take action against those found going against the law under the Immigration Act,” said Mr Zulkifli, adding that they would continuously monitor the situation to prevent people from leaving Malaysia illegally.

Source: The Star Online