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Can you bear to eat these beautiful SG50 cakes?

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How can anyone bear to eat these cakes?

The local baking community, which included both Singaporeans and permanent residents here, were challenged to celebrate SG50 by coming up with beautiful cakes.

And they definitely delivered.

This online initiative called SG50 Bakers was organised by The White Ombre's chef and owner Nicholas Ang.

He said he wanted to find a unique way for the talent here to come together to salute the nation on her 50th birthday.

After working hard to encourage bakers here, most of whom are amateurs, 19 people agreed to participate.

Mr Ang said: "It is not exactly what I envisioned because I wanted 50 bakers taking part - for obvious reasons. But the results more than speaks for itself."

These are some of their creations:

Trixie Ong

Kids of the 1980s will remember these old-school, dragon-shaped playground fondly. Trixie Ong recreates the beloved playground into an edible work of art. 

Najibah Ahmad

​Najibah hasn't had any formal training in cake decorating, but that hasn't stopped her for making beautiful cakes for family and friends.

She chose the courtesy mascot, Singa the Lion, because her father, Mr Ahmad Asran, was part of the team involved in the creation of this beloved character who reminds Singaporeans to be courteous to one another. This cake is a tribute to her father and the team behind Singa.

Sugandha Rana

Kudos to anyone who has the heart to cut this cake. 

This intricately-designed cake features many attractions that Singapore is proud of, including tourist favourites Marina Bay Sands hotel, Gardens by the Bay and the Merlion.

In the lower tier, it even showcases some of our older attractions like the shophouses still found in Singapore today.

Joann Finlayson

Finalyson represents most aspects of Singaporean life (take note of that Ferrari) with her work. She beautifully illustrates Chinatown, our gleaming modern skyline, our HDBs as well as National Service. There could be no better way to celebrate 50 years of progress than this.

Simrin Gregory

This cake proves that Singapore is a place where everyone is able to live peacefully with people of other religions and races - and still maintain our individual identities.

Nikita Shamdasani


​This cake could also be used as a history lesson as it shows some of Singapore's most recognisable figures and personalities, including the country's three prime ministers - the late Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Goh Chok Tong and current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong - as well as a certain contractor, Phua Chu Kang. 





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