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'Comment on killing kids not hate speech'

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The Media Literacy Council (MLC) has been "unable to conclude" that a comment by one of its members, about killing the children of terrorists, amounted to hate speech.

But it did find the comment, by former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng, insensitive and inappropriate.

He has apologised for the comment he made online.


We would like to assure you that the Council has heard the feedback regarding our member Mr Calvin Cheng’s recent online...

Posted by Media Literacy Council on Friday, 27 November 2015

He had said that "terrorists are not common criminals" but "a mortal enemy intent on killing and destroying". Then he added: "So you kill them before they kill you. And their children too in case they grow up to take revenge."

Some bloggers and other netizens reacted by calling for his removal from the MLC, which aims, in part, to "encourage users to be more reflective about the ethical choices and impact they make as communicators".

Mr Cheng made the apology yesterday in a piece titled Final Thoughts On My Post on ISIS.


My final thoughts on the ISIS matter."To cut a long story short, the MLC agreed with me that I did not engage in hate...

Posted by Calvin Cheng on Friday, 27 November 2015