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Erhu-violin mashup video wins her night's stay at Esplanade

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The SG50 team has found their most "passionate fan" and are rewarding her with a one-night-stay at a truly spectacular location, the Esplanade Theatre!

Miss Tay Zhi Wen, 24, emerged the winner after she impressed the judges with a 15-second mashup of the song "Happy Birthday" and this year's National Day song "Our Singapore".

SG50 had teamed up with AirBnB and Esplanade to give one person a truly Singaporean staycation of a lifetime on the eve of National Day.

A Singaporean themed home will be created on the Esplanade Theatre stage for her.

To win, contestants had to record a short video to show that they are SG50's biggest fan.

Miss Tay was chosen from among 168 entries for the "SG50 Biggest Fan" contest.

Her choice of instruments?

The Chinese musical instrument, erhu, and the violin.



The trainee teacher credited her music composer boyfriend for coming up with the idea for the video.

"We were looking through the submissions, thinking of what we could do. We wanted to do something different, something artistic. Since I could not sing nor dance very well, I decided to play to my strengths and perform a piece of music," she told The Straits Times.

She had performed at the Esplanade previously when she was with Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and Chung Cheng High School (Main) Chinese Orchestra, and winning this prize makes it more special, she said.

“This will be a really great chance for me and my family to experience the Esplanade like never before, in a more intimate and personal way," she said in a statement to the media.

Spending a night with her and her boyfriend there will be her mum and her younger brother.

Included in the prize is a backstage tour of the Esplanade and dinner at a rooftop restaurant.

And the icing on the cake? All four of them got tickets to this year's National Day Parade!

Source: The Straits Times, YouTube.

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