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Find out Chen Tianwen's son's unbelievable name

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When his son was born two weeks ago, his friends suggested a name that Chen Tianwen contemplated for a bit.

The singer of hit song Unbelievable decided that he didn't want to call his son Unbelievable Chen.

In a previous interview with The New Paper, the local veteran actor said: “Since he (my son) brought me so much good luck and this song became so famous, my friends said my boy should be named Unbelievable. 

"I think it’s quite funny, but I don’t think my mother and my wife’s parents will want that.

“However, the first song I will teach him to sing will be Unbelievable.” 

Today (June 29), the 52-year-old first time dad finally revealed his son's name. 

It will leave you... stunned.

Can you guess what the creative moniker is?

We'll give you one hint - Mongolia.

What's my name, folks? PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ CHEN TIANWEN

In his Instagram post, Chen wrote that his son now has three names which was decided on by him and his family.

He wrote on behalf of his son: "Aunts, uncles, grandparents, hello everyone.

"I have three names now.

"My nickname is called Un Un.

"My Chinese name is Chen Zexun.

"Grandma gave me a Mongolian (Christian) name.

"(I am) Genghis Chan."

Chen's followers weighed in on his choice of names.

One in particular still wanted Chen to fulfill his wish of naming his brood Unbelievable.

Wrote Benboy93: "Haha! If you have two more kids, you can name the second one Believ and the third one Able.

"Then it'll really be UnUn-Believ-Able!"

​When interviewed by LianHe Wanbao, Chen said that it was his mother-in-law who named his son Genghis.

For him, he's still used to calling his little bundle of joy Un Un.

He said: "When Un Un is naughty, my wife will call him Gorilla!.

"That is because when he cries, his cries are really loud and sharp."

Still basking in the glow of being a father, Chen said that he takes many pictures and videos of Genghis in hopes that he can show them to him when he grows up.

One thing that still stumps him?

Chen is still clueless sometimes as to why Genghis cries.

When asked if he wants a second child, Chen said yes.

"If I'm fated to have another one, I'll definitely want it because being an only child is a very lonely thing."

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