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Five fun courses you can use your SkillsFuture Credit on

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The SkillsFuture Credit was launched last Friday, and Singaporeans aged 25 and above get $500 in creditto pay for a range of courses. MELANIE HENG ( looks at five of the more fun and unusual courses available


The Singapore Spa Institute (SSI) provides a four-day course spanning 32 hours which equips students with the skills required for waxing.

SSI's chief executive officer and founder Nancy Lim said: "This course is a good stepping stone for people who are new to the beauty industry and who wish to acquire a new skill in a short period of time."

Waxing for the body includes parts such as hands, legs and the bikini area.

The course is priced at $950 before goods and services tax, and the Government subsidises up to 95 per cent of the cost.

"The waxing industry is gaining popularity in Singapore and while it is a good skill to have, other courses can be useful to tie in with waxing as well, such as full facials or manicures," Ms Lim said.


Enjoy eating croissants, bagels, chappati or ciabatta?

Now you can learn to make your own breads with a course provided by the People's Association (PA).

Create your own recipes to suit different taste buds and learn the basic techniques of making bread such as kneading and the fermentation process.

A PA spokesman said: "This course will be useful for those who are keen to explore the food and hospitality industry or (be) a home baker."

The different courses will allow you to choose your favourite breads, and each three-hour lesson will specialise in making one type of bread.

For those aged 50 and below, it costs $20 for PAssion Card members, and $30 for non-members.

For those aged above 50, PAssion Card members only pay $10 while non-members pay $20.


Learn the basic brush strokes of Chinese painting and create art pieces.

A spokesman for the Continuing Education office in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa) said: "Students will study the form and structure of flowers and birds, and learn how to paint them."

Nafa requires students to attend the short courses in sequential order and they are advised to begin with the first level (traditional Chinese painting) to gain the basic knowledge.

Each short course consists of 10 sessions. Each session is three hours long and is conducted once a week.

The total cost of the four short courses is $1,800, and students will also need to pay for registration and miscellaneous fees, which cost $48.10 in total.


If the works of famous composers such as Vivaldi and Beethoven are music to your ears, this course provided by SIM University (UniSIM) will be just for you.

It covers historical, social and cultural insights into well-known music compositions.

Participants will be able to pick up skills such as recognising changes in musical developments from the 12th to the 21st century and get a basic understanding of musical elements.

UniSIM's spokesman said: "Topics covered include aural experiences in music, revolutions in the Renaissance period, early to late Baroque music, and music in the 20th century and beyond."

The course is eight weeks long, and each week is devoted to one major style period in the development of music. It costs $1,262.60 inclusive of GST.


In this workshop provided by PA, students will be armed with basic skills like needlework and embroidery.

The three-hour long course will impart skills like the use of techniques, colour and scale.

Students will also be given the opportunity to personalise their own recycled bags.

A PA spokesman said: "Participants can learn the 'how' and 'what' of transforming a simple clothing item, turning it from plain to wow.

"This skill will be useful for those who are keen in the retail, grooming and other relevant sectors."

For those aged 50 and below, the course costs $20 for PAssion Card members, and $30 for non-members.

Eligibility and how to apply

Given the wide range of SkillsFuture Credit courses available, Singaporeans will be able to find a course they enjoy.

The course they sign up for does not need to be related to their work.

A Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) spokesman said: "The SkillsFuture Credit does not restrict the individual from choosing the type of course that he or she is interested to take up.

"The key is that SkillsFuture Credit empowers the individual to choose according to his aspiration."

And WDA is looking to expand the number of agencies they partner with for SkillsFuture courses.

The WDA spokesman said: "As of November 2015, there are about 10,000 courses that span across 57 functional areas, including basic computing, digital animation, finance, and advertising.

"WDA will continue to work with government agencies and training providers to expand the suite of courses approved for the SkillsFuture Credit."

WDA held a roadshow, SkillsFuture Marketplace, over the weekend at Westgate mallin Jurong.

Here's what you need to know before applying for SkillsFuture Credit courses.

Eligibility for SkillsFuture Credit:

Singaporeans aged 25 and above in 2016 will receive an initial credit of $500.

Singaporeans who are not yet 25 will receive $500 worth of credits the year they turn 25.

The Government will make further top-ups to individuals' SkillsFuture Credit at regular intervals, which will be announced at a later date.

How to apply for SkillsFuture Credit courses:

Log on to to search for courses in the directory.

More information on courses and how to apply for them are available on the training providers' websites.

Look out for SkillsFuture Credit letters this month to find out when your account is ready.

Call WDA on 6883-5885 for more information.

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