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GE2015: The best mic drop moments of the first rallies

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The first of this election's rallies saw many analogies, many more mentions of AHPETC and of course, political burns.

While the People's Action Party (PAP) had its first rally at Delta Hockey Pitch for Radin Mas SMC, Workers' Party held its rally at an open field at Hougang.

PAP's Tanjong Pagar GRC team and Radin Mas SMC candidate Sam Tan were present.

Using a strategy similar to Taylor Swift's 1989 world tour, the PAP team also brought out a few special guests.

University student Sukaasini Latchumanan, veteran politician Mr Sidek Saniff, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took to the stage. The Prime Minister said it was "special" to be speaking at Tanjong Pagar, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew's ward.

The PAP speakers talked municipal issues, with PM Lee announcing some grand developments, including a waterfront that will be three times the size of Marina Bay and "three times as beautiful".

For WP, the handling of AHPETC was the forefront topic.

The war of words continued from both parties with fresh salvos fired from both sides. Here are the "mic drop" moments


1. Auction or Election?


The idea of opposition parties offering residents $300 a month led Mr Chan Chun Sing to fire back: 

"Please don't insult my residents. Do you think they are here to be bribed? Is this an election or an auction?" 

2. Mr Yee Jenn Jong's rooster talk

Ah, the analogies have begun.

Marine Parade GRC candidate Yee Jenn Jong responded to Emeritus Senior Minister​ Goh Chok Tong's comment comparing WP to a rooster.

Mr Goh said: "The rooster goes around boasting that its crowing causes the sun to rise."

Mr Yee said the rooster is telling people "Hey! Wake up!".

He said: "That's what the citizens of Singapore are telling the PAP".

Mr Yee's other quotable moment? "Marine should be blue. Not white."


3. Civil servants and weekends

Ms Sylvia Lim said to supporters at the rally that she had received letters from Ministry of National Development on Saturday and Sunday.

She said to loud cheers: "I thought civil servants only worked five days a week".


4. Low Thia Khiang

Speaking in Teochew, WP leader Low Thia Khiang had the crowd cheering and laughing at his punchlines.

He was not immune to animal references, using the rat problem at estates like Bukit Batok before coming back to the farmyard.

The Aljunied GRC candidate said: "The PAP is getting more and more out of shape. They've been the government for 50 years and they are talking nonsense. Now they talk about roosters?"


5. Which is more important?

Hougang SMC candidate Png Eng Huat had a few choice words for the ruling party, referring to PAP as "a ghost from the past".

He asked why "fixing the opposition is more important than fixing the MRT and the shortage of hospital beds."


6. Higher standards

As he rounded up his speech, Prime Minister Lee said: 

"If people do something wrong but don't fix it, and say 'well, I haven't been sent to jail', then standards for politics is too low."


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