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'Optimus Prime' has been switched off

This article is more than 12 months old

A trailer truck carrying an illuminated Workers' Party (WP) banner and logo will not appear at the final election rallies tonight.

First seen on Friday (Sept 4), the truck had been seen at rally sites. On social media, it was soon dubbed Optimus Prime, after the big rig-like Transformers character.

The Elections Department has confirmed that the container was neither "initiated or commissioned" by WP.

The Straits Times reported Asiagroup, the company that owns the prime mover that transported the illuminated container on Friday soon terminated the contract once the nature of the cargo was apparent.

A spokesman said: "We would like to clarify that Asiagroup did not design the container or is a sponsor of WP's campaign.

"The company's prime mover is strictly for non-commercial use and definitely not for political purposes."

A different company was used to transport the container from Sunday onwards.

The Election Department said that those responsible for the emblazoned trailer have been advised that "such actions are in breach of the Parliamentary Elections (Election Advertising) Regulations and may also pose safety concerns given the crowds at election rallies".  

The unnamed people behind the trailer have said they will comply and  no further action will be taken by Elections Department and the Police. 

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