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Parents find object stuck in girl's private parts

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Her two daughters have been enrolled at a childcare centre in Woodlands since last year.

When Mrs Lim brought them home last Tuesday (July 7), she was surprised that her younger child, aged two, refused to sit down.

Instead, the toddler pointed to her private parts and screamed that it hurt.

Her husband, a 45-year-old cabby who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, told Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News:

"We took off her pants to check but didn't discover anything out of the ordinary. But that was when my daughter started crying."

Upon closer examination, Mrs Lim eventually found a leather sticker — the size of a 5-cent coin — in the girl's private parts.

According to Mr Lim, the sticker looked like the kind that was used on furniture.

The family immediately took the child to see a doctor, who suggested they visit the hospital.

The Lims suspect that someone had abused their two-year-old girl by planting a leather sticker in her private parts. PHOTO: SHIN MIN  DAILY NEWS

After a medical examination, the hospital doctor recommended that the Lims make a police report.

The police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Mr Lim suspects an adult had planted the sticker in his child, leaving her with a small wound. 

He said: 

"When we applied medicine on her, she would cry that it hurts. Our hearts ache too, seeing her in this state." 

The girl was also unable to sleep for days after the ordeal. 

"She would tell my wife she's in pain," Mr Lim added.

"My wife has to keep her company before she dares to fall asleep."

Mr Lim also alleged that they had "problems" with the childcare centre.

For instance, his daughter had insect bites on her left hand late last month but staff refused to admit her for classes on July 3 as they suspected she could have hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

Mr Lim said: "We had to specially get proof that she didn't have HFMD from a family doctor before the centre would accept (her attending class)."

The family had voiced their concern earlier when there was a mix-up over their daughter's water bottle.

They were also unhappy that her diaper supply seemed to run out very fast. Perhaps such complaints had led to displeasure and the current incident, Mr Lim alleged.

What the authorities say:

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) said it was aware of the incident.

Its spokesman said: "We are working with the childcare centre in question to ensure the other children will not be adversely affected."

Citing ongoing police investigations, the spokesman declined further comment.

Shin Min said the police have obtained closed-circuit television footage for their investigation. No teachers have been suspended, the paper added.

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