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Pokemon Go Glossary

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Poke Balls

Used to catch wild Pokemon. As players level up, they can get stronger balls.


Real world locations where you can get Poke Balls and other items.


Teams fight for control over these real world locations.

Lure Modules

Attach them to a PokeStop to lure wild Pokemon to that area. They benefit everyone around the PokeStop.


To lure wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. This benefits only the player.

Combat Power (CP)

Measurement of a Pokemon's attack strength that affects how they perform in battle.


Pokemon hatch from them after the required walking distance is fulfilled. The player does not know what type of Pokemon is in the egg.

Lucky Eggs

Activate them to double experience points for 30 minutes.

Egg Incubator

A device required to hatch the egg.


Acquired by capturing Pokemon, hatching eggs and transferring Pokemon to the Professor. They are used to power-up and evolve Pokemon.


Acquired by capturing Pokemon and hatching Eggs, needed to power-up a Pokemon.

Razz Berries

Feeding Razz Berries to wild Pokemon allows players to catch them more easily.


Used to restore a Pokemon's health.


In-game currency purchased using real money to buy items such as Poke Balls or Lure Modules.

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