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Qi Yuwu: 'I'm loving being a dad'

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Actor Qi Yuwu, who became a father for the first time 10 days ago, has penned his thoughts about fatherhood, saying how his daughter's every movement and sound was a new discovery for him.

Qi, 38, wrote about his new journey as a dad in a column published on Monday (Aug 17) in Lianhe Zaobao. He writes a regular column for the paper's Fukan or entertainment section.

His wife, actress Joanne Peh, gave birth to their daughter on Aug 7 after a 16-hour drug-free delivery.

This is what the actor wrote:

Ten months of waiting and expectations finally culminated in my daughter's noisy birth.

In the end, my wife still insisted on a drug-free delivery so that my daughter would be alert and awake when she was born.

When my daughter came out, her two eyes were so alert, which was a great source of comfort for Joanne.

Qi Yuwu (left) and Joanne Peh are loving being first-time parents. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ JOANNE PEH

It's already been one week since my daughter was born but I am still reliving that night when Joanne had to battle extreme pain for 16 hours.

I believe that every second was especially slow for her and she could only bear it on her own.

As a husband, at that time, I could not do much except accompany and encourage her.

I felt so helpless.

When I saw how determined Joanne was, how happy she was, it was as if I could imagine what my mother went through when she give birth to me.

For me, as a new dad, my daughter's every action and every sound is a new discovery.

Until now, everything about her is filled with the unknown and we have to go about finding out how to adapt to her.

As for how I see the role of a dad, it is a lifetime commitment.

My wife is trying hard to adapt to our daughter, like finding out when she has not had enough milk to drink or if she is too tired to drink any more milk.

In this week, I may be at work but my heart is at home thinking about my wife and daughter.

Although I am tired, my heart is happy when I reach home.

A new phase of my life has begun. It is a new beginning for me and Joanne.

Because of our daughter, we have become closer, more intimate and more supportive of each other.

My wife has at times been emotional, but generally, she has kept herself happy even though she only sleeps a few hours a day.

Even when she was giving birth, she was still smiling even though she was in so much pain.

I really admire her.

A mother's love really can make one overcome any obstacles.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao

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