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SingFirst looking for young volunteers, but will they bite?

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It is said that they first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge the problem.

New political party Singaporeans First (SingFirst) did just that with their Facebook post on Monday (Aug 17) asking for young volunteers who are "young, energetic and savvy".

These young, energetic and savvy people will be volunteering their time in their youth wing, YoungFirst.


Many Singaporeans have written in after they noticed the spellcheck error, ie wavy red lines, in our previous press...

Posted by SingFirst on Sunday, August 16, 2015


In their plea, the party acknowledge that they are not the most savvy of people on social media and that their search for young volunteers hopes to address that. 

Perhaps in a show of cheekiness, they included the red wavy lines in the main picture of their announcement.

This was in reference to when they uploaded a document onto their Facebook page, announcing that they were withdrawing from contesting Ang Mo Kio GRC and focusing their efforts on Tanjong Pagar and Jurong GRCs.

Unfortunately, some words still had the red wavy lines under them, indicating that the document still had spell check on his Microsoft Word document.

Photo: Facebook screen capture

It has to be said, though, that none of the words were spelled wrongly.

It however, does show that they are not the most comfortable users of information technology.

Which is something that the party, led by Mr Tan Jee Say, aims to rectify by calling for young volunteers who not only have good writing skills, but have experience in producing and editing a video.

On top of that, they are looking for people who would be able to engage with others on social media.

SingFirst also posted six points explaining the party's identity.

For example in response to online talk that they are a xenophobic party, they had this to say:

We are not anti-foreigners nor anti-immigration... We are for responsible immigration, not zero immigration. - SingFirst

They also responded to criticisms that their logo was similar to that of a  certain ice-cream company.

Photo: Facebook screen capture
Photo: Hardwarezone screen capture  

In response to this, they said that their party logo shows a "head with a heart inside."

This, according to them, signifies that they are a party that has Singaporeans' interests at heart.

As to their tongue-in-cheek call for volunteers, it remains to be seen just how many young people would be attracted by it.

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