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They're ready for tomorrow

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The stage is set for what is likely to be the biggest, most high-profile gig of their 13-year career, but live music cover band 53A are not feeling the nerves.

They will be performing this year's National Day Parade (NDP) theme song Tomorrow's Here Today at the National Stadium tomorrow.

The sextet, who regularly perform sets at Timbre@The Substation and Hive by Wala Wala, have already gone for six full show rehearsals at the venue in preparation for the big day.

Lead guitarist Alvin Khoo, 37, told TNP: "We are resting our voices now before the actual parade. Apart from that, we have been (attending) rehearsals every weekend for the parade itself."

Also in 53A are vocalist Sara Wee, 30, bassist and vocalist Bani Hidir, 29, drummer Helman Kamal, 29, keyboardist Nazaruddin Mashruddin, 27, and percussionist Serena Chen, 34.As the group meet up every day, those jamming sessions also count as rehearsal time.

On performing in front of a 55,000-strong crowd, Khoo said: "Because we have been performing for so long, we are not actually nervous or anything, but we are very honoured.

"The feeling is great, so I get goosebumps hearing a whole stadium of people sing along with us."

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