Three on FB: PM Lee's best Facebook posts

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Today (April 20) marks the third year that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been on Facebook.

And he is very active on the social media platform. On his page, he has shared many insights on his public and private life with the 745,207 people that follow his account.

Most notable have been the many photographs he has posted, especially those that carry the now familiar parentheses-wrapped tag, (Photo by me).

There have been posts about his families past...

The Prime Minister is often open to a selfie. In fact some shots have been surprisingly open.  

He takes the occasional we-fies too.

A recurring theme is the mix of nostalgia and progress, in this case the nature of tourism here.

Want hashtags? No problem. This picture was tagged #guesswhoisreal

He has a keen eye for the details others may miss, such as this owl in the Istana.


or this anniversary post of a snake at Upper Peirce Reservoir Park.

The Prime Minister has also engaged his followers with a series of photos he hashtags #guesswhere

And some of them are rather stunning. More artistic than you might expect from a world leader.



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Source: Facebook/ Lee Hsien Loong

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