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Titanic? Backstabbing? A round-up of Monday's GE2015 insults

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With just two more days of campaigning before cooling-off day, things are really heating up.

Yes, barbs are getting traded between the various parties and politicians at rallies - and online.

There were more analogies at play and politicians spent a fair amount of time responding to each other in their rally speeches. 

It can be hard to keep track, but we've got you covered.

1. Is the ship sinking or not?

Leave it to Workers' Party's (WP) Low Thia Khiang to further develop an analogy that will only rile members from the ruling party, People's Action Party (PAP).

Remember GE2011's co-driver analogy?

On Monday morning (Sept 7), at a walkabout, Mr Low likened the PAP to the Titanic, the luxury cruise ship that sank and killed almost everyone on board.

Mr Low's comment came after Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said on Sunday (Sept 6): "If you go with the PAP, you're embarking on a cruise ship with a definite destination... You know the captain, the crew members, you  know the quality."

But other parties are cruise ships with no clear destination, said Mr Goh. "These are gambling ships, casinos. Very exciting. So you can take this ship, you can gamble, but you go nowhere."

In response, Mr Low said, almost with a smirk: "I'm afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit. It used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer claimed that it's not sinkable... The name is Titanic."



He continued: "There are not enough lifeboats, no preparations or provisions for failure. Thank you Mr Goh for reminding us."

Of course, ESM Goh has responded.



Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. The PAP cruised over fifty years under three captains. All onboard are safe --- gct

Posted by MParader on Monday, 7 September 2015


Your turn, Mr Low.

Meanwhile, WP's Mr Yee Jenn Jong has joined in, saying on Monday night (Sept 7) at a rally at Ubi Ave 1: "PAP ship sailing to 6.9m. WP ship sailing to a sustainable Singapore."

2) Backstabbing

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, on Saturday, gave a clear, concise and well-received speech on why some of the opposition parties' policies like free healthcare and social services are just not feasible.



The Singapore Democratic Party's plans will hurt the middle class.

Posted by Vivian Balakrishnan on Sunday, 6 September 2015


Before addressing Mr Tharman's points, Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) Dr Paul Tambyah said on Monday afternoon at the lunchtime rally near UOB Plaza: "I would like to commend the DPM and his colleagues for contesting this election on the issues rather than the gutter politics of the past... DPM Tharman is the most brilliant of our current ministers and many of us think he could make a fine prime minister."

He then added that the opposition parties have been hoping for a "falling out" between Mr Tharman and PM Lee's PAP so that the former can form an opposition coalition.

Later in the day, at a PAP rally at Commonwealth, Mr Vivian Balakrishnan said: "The PAP does not have a tradition of backstabbing our mentors".

A jibe at the split between SDP's Dr Chee Soon Juan and Mr Chiam See Tong, perhaps?

Mr Vivian Balakrishnan even made sure to make his own meme.



The PAP does not have a tradition of backstabbing our mentors. #GE2015 #HollandBukitTimah

Posted by Vivian Balakrishnan on Monday, 7 September 2015



3) Too lazy?

At the rally in Commonwealth, PAP's Sim Ann also took aim at the SDP.

She said: "SDP is too busy holding rallies and too lazy to house visit. Do they care for you?"

The PAP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah also took a jab at Dr Chee Soon Juan.

She said that Dr Chee likes to "chu pattern", which, in Mandarin, means someone who is full of antics.

"If Dr Chee says he is second when it comes to 'chu pattern', no one else would dare to claim first," she said.

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