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'Until now, cabby has not visited me'

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When the taxi hit him, he was flung into the air.The dramatic incident that happened at Marina Bay Sands' hotel driveway on Saturday afternoon (Sept 24) was captured on video by an in-car camera.

It depicts valet captain Lee Yao Ji looking on helplessly at the red Trans-Cab taxi as it crashes into him.

But Mr Lee, 69, can only remember the incident up to that point.

"All I remember is at the time, I was near the hotel's entrance when I suddenly saw this taxi moving quickly in my direction, and I was knocked down after that," he told Shin Min Daily News.

"I lost consciousness and I cannot remember details of what has happened since."

The valet captain had a bandage around his head and spoke through an oxygen mask at Singapore General Hospital's high dependency ward.

His injuries are mostly around the head area, he told the Chinese daily.

Of the cabby, Mr Lee said: "I don't know him and until now, he still has not visited me. I want to see the video and I am not ruling out a lawsuit."


Marina Bay Sands said Mr Lee was on duty at the time.

A spokesman for the hotel: "He is being treated in hospital. We are rendering assistance to him and his family... and are helping the authorities in their investigations."

The valet captain, known as "Captain Lee" by his colleagues, has six years of work experience at the hotel and manages a team of valets.

The hotel will likely compensate him as it was a work injury, said Mr Lee.

Both he and the 52-year-old taxi driver were taken to SGH, the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force said.

Trans-Cab said it is investigating the incident.

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