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What the cluck is going on? Stray chickens spotted in Fort Canning, Queenstown

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Seen any stray chickens in your neighbourhood recently?

Eagle-eyed people have reportedly been spotting the birds at grassy patches in Queenstown and the Fort Canning area.

The fowl have apparently been roaming the areas for the past few months.

One woman wrote to citizen journalism website Stomp saying she has been seeing chickens near Stirling View and Mei Ling Road for the past two weeks.

She said she has highlighted the issue to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority and the town council.

Attempts to catch the birds have been unsuccessful, said the woman.

Mr B. L. Koh, 38, said the number of chickens in the Fort Canning area has been increasing over the past few months.

The IT consultant, who jogs in the area, said the fowl are at the Central Fire Station at Hill Street, Sri Thendayuthapani Temple at Tank Road and nearby Fort Canning Hotel, reported The Straits Times.



"I’m not sure if they are being fed but the population of chickens at the grass patch near the fire station has really swelled the past couple of months," he said.

"They numbered about five when I first saw them, but now it’s close to 20."

The chickens have also been spotted around Telok Kurau.

Are they running afowl of the law?

Ah, what the cluck.



Source: The Straits Times

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