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Which Singapore doodle do you want to see on your Google homepage? Voting is now open

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Google will also be celebrating Singapore's 50th year of independence on Aug 9.

A doodle from a Singaporean student here will be featured on the search engine's page on National Day.

Earlier this year, students were invited to submit their Singapore-related drawings for the Doodle 4 Google contest.

The theme for the competition is: "Singapore: The Next 50 years".

Students from the age of four to 18 years submitted entries in the hope that they will be the one chosen to be featured for a day on the search engine giant's front page.

The entries were divided into five different age groups.

The overall winner will also enjoy a trip to Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California to meet the Google Doodle team.

You are now able to vote for your favourite doodle. Vote here.

Here are some of the doodles shortlisted for the contest.

Age Group: Four to six


A home we belong

Cherie Lee, PCF Sparkletotes Preschool - Zhenghua

It's impossible not to love this doodle with the panda, rainbow-vomiting Merlion and the pregnant woman - which could be a reminder to Singaporeans... to get busy to keep up the birth rate.



Fly to the Moon

Aden Wu Wei Peng, PCF Parkletote Preschool - Punggol

Could Singaporeans be flying to the moon in 50 years for vacation holidays? If this pupil had his way, that would certainly be possible.

Age Group: Seven to Nine


Next 50, our first world Singapore

Moh Journ Haydn, Beacon Primary School

The public transport system here, more notably the SMRT, is a key source of frustration for Singaporeans here. And this student thinks that there will be significant change in our public transport system in 50 years (although, I hope it doesn't take that long). He wishes for an extendable rocket train that will increase the capacity for passengers and allow less waiting time.

And to make sure we protect the environment? The trains will be running on solar energy.


Singapore in the next 50 years

Ng Hui Juan, Jiemin Primary School

Already well know for its reputation as a Garden City, this student hopes that Singapore will further move forward in this direction with plants all over our buildings and flats.

AGE GROUP: 10 - 12

Google City

Ng Hui Juan, Jiemin Primary School

No space on land? It's okay - Singapore can build an entire city under the sea!

AGE GROUP: 13-15


Elodie Yeo Zhi Yi, Canadian International School

This doodle illustrated a highly-modernised country with advanced technology and more buildings - all while being eco-friendly.


Singapore, our growing garden city

Koh Rachel, Raffles Girls School (Secondary)

Flying cars and vertical gardens can help Singapore deal with limited land while preserving wildlife and her reputation as a garden city.

AGE GROUP: 16 - 18



Asia's Giant Red Dot

Steven, Victoria Junior College

This doodle illustrates the technology and infrastructure that has made this country a highly successful one - and it's certain a blueprint for the next 50 years.