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WP's East Coast team 'strikes' 4D top prize

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They might have lost East Coast GRC during last week's general election.

But the Workers' Party (WP) team contesting there made some pundits very happy over the weekend.

The reason? Those who placed their bets on the WP result won money, when the team's vote share emerged as the top prize in Sunday's (Sept 13) 4D draw, Chinese paper Shin Min Daily reported.

The four-man line-up of ex-NCMP Gerald Giam, Mr Leon Perera, Professor Daniel Goh and Mr Mohamed Fairoz Shariff lost to the People's Action Party team led by Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say.

They polled 39.27 per cent of votes compared with the PAP's 60.73 per cent.

The top three numbers for Sunday's 4D draw. PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY

The contest in the East Coast GRC was expected to be a close fight after the 2011 GE results, where the WP team lost to the PAP team but secured 45.2 per cent of the votes - the narrowest margin in a GRC for the ruling party that election.

But the reality was starkly different: WP turned in a result that was almost 6 per cent less than four years ago.

First time in 29 years

A Shin Min reader known only as 58-year-old Mr Pan said:

"I decided to buy both the PAP and WP's vote shares on the spur of the moment. Little did I expect the number to strike the top prize almost immediately.

"Maybe this is a reward for keeping track of current affairs."

According to the Singapore Pools website, this is the first time that 3927 emerged tops since May 1986, when record-keeping started.

The number won consolation prize in December 2009 and November 2003.

It won the starter prize in August 1992 and May 1989.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

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