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Wristband for paying fares being tested

This article is more than 12 months old

A six-month trial to test a public transport fare payment device worn on the wrist has started.

The trial is conducted by Singtel, Sony, EZ-Link, Nets and TransitLink, the Land Transport Authority said.

The 200 users in the trial will wear a near-field communication wristband encoded with a digital Cepas card. Cepas stands for contactless e-purse application.

They will only need to hold up their wrists to the farecard reader on buses and at train stations to pay for their journeys.

To top up the stored value in the band, participants simply need to place the band on the card reader of a top-up device. They can also opt to register for automatic top-up services .

Such payment modes have been used successfully in Hong Kong for some time now.