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110 student inventions at poly's engineering show

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110 solutions developed by 400 final-year engineering students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) were showcased at the SP Engineering Show 2016. They solve real-life problems faced by people from all walks of life. Reporters SITI NUR AISHA OMAR and HO YUEN TENG look at three innovative solutions.

This drone can ‘bee’ a real help

Pest control workers clearing beehives face being stung by hundreds of angry buzzing bees defending their colony, which is usually somewhere high up on a tree.

So why not fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near the hive and spray chemicals on it from a safe distance?

That was one scenario three final-year SP students worked on.

They built their Pest Controller's Assistant UAV from scratch, envisioning it being used for beehive destruction and rooftop inspection.

Their project was one of 110developed by 400 final-year engineering students to solve real-life problems and which were showcased at the SP Engineering Show 2016.

Pest control company Pestbusters had approached the polytechnic with the problem.

Their workers have to don heavy gear and get close to beehives before spraying special chemicals to destroy them. They also have to scale heights to do visual inspection of roof tops.

One of the developers, Mr Yan Junfeng, 23, said: "Both types of work present great risks. With this tool, the pest controller can simply choose a comfortable location and remotely pilot the flying machine to carry out the otherwise hazardous tasks."

The team, which also included Mr Kenny Yeo Ling Zhi, 19, and Mr Andrew Teng Kai Hong, 21, took about a year to complete the project.

Pestbusters was so impressed by the prototype that it is trying to find a manufacturer to produce it..

Mr Yan said: "We just feel happy that an actual industry partner is satisfied with our prototype. If this really takes off, it'll be like contributing to society, as we'd be making the lives of those working in the pest industry easier."

The annual exhibition ends today.

This annual exhibition provides our final year engineering students with the opportunity to showcase their projects to fellow students, staff, industry visitors and the public. It's also a chance for them to demonstrate their 'tech-readiness' in an era where technological innovation is competitive and valued.

- An SP spokesman