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2,500 jobs available in retail, with 2 in 5 roles for PMETs

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Positions include those in sales, marketing and business development

The retail sector may have taken a beating during the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are still some 2,500 jobs on offer as stores reopen and more businesses turn to e-commerce.

Nearly two in five of these jobs are for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs), said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo in her weekly jobs situation report yesterday.

These are roles such as sales, marketing and business development managers, with monthly salaries of between $2,750 and $6,500, with a median of $3,750.

Meanwhile, retail and wholesale trade managers typically earn between $2,000 and $3,750 each month, with a median of $2,700.

Commercial and marketing sales executives, who typically receive between $2,400 and $4,250 monthly, with a median of $3,200, are also wanted.

The non-PMET jobs such as shop salespersons typically receive monthly salaries of $1,400 to $1,900, with a median of $1,600.

At the same time, retailers are also increasingly looking to hire PMETs who have digital skills to help their businesses grow on e-commerce platforms, she added.

Apart from jobs, there are also about 610 company-hosted traineeships and attachments as well as about 430 training opportunities available in the sector.

Between April and September, 770 individuals have been placed into jobs, enhanced roles, traineeships and attachments as well as training opportunities in the retail sector, said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Of these, about 700 either found jobs or were able to retain their jobs in new or enhanced roles within the sector.


The impact of Covid-19 forced many retailers to move their operations online on e-commerce platforms, said MOM.

To help retailers redesign jobs and create higher-value roles, as well as transform their businesses, Workforce Singapore's Job Redesign Reskilling Programme was enhanced in February.

As of end-August, more than 550 workers from 37 retailers have been or are being trained and redeployed into new or higher-value job roles through the programme.


The MOM also gave an update yesterday on its efforts to encourage companies to hire older workers in retail and other sectors.

In July, applications opened for employers to seek funding support of up to $375,000 through the Senior Worker Early Adopter Grant (SWEAG) and Part-time Re-employment Grant (PTRG), which were introduced as part of the $1.3 billion Senior Worker Support Package.

In the first three months of applications, nearly 650 companies applied for the SWEAG, while about 440 applied for the PTRG.