52 fines issued to employers for flouting safe management rules

This article is more than 12 months old

A total of 52 composition fines of $1,000 each have been issued to employers for flouting safe management measures as the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) continues to stress the importance of such practices.

The fines were issued from June 2 until Monday as part of efforts to keep community transmission of Covid-19 low amid the surge in business activities.

Seven workplaces have been ordered since June 2 to cease operations for lapses, the ministry said yesterday.

Of these, six had many employees at the workplace although they were able to work from home. The remaining workplace had multiple lapses in implementing safe management measures, MOM added.

They worked with the ministry to correct their practices and most had their stop work orders lifted in about a week. All seven have resumed operations.

MOM has inspected close to 1,000 workplaces as part of its enforcement operations.

Singapore lifted its circuit breaker measures on June 2 and good practices have been on the rise, with more observed in the second week of the reopening.

Safe management measures are being put in place, including the SafeEntry visitor management system for staff and visitors, as well as the requirement that employees have to wear masks.

Some companies have implemented more flexible work arrangements, such as staggered working hours and lunch breaks, and a split-team arrangement for their employees.

MOM noted that companies were implementing good cleaning and sanitising regimens to ensure common spaces are cleaned regularly and thoroughly, particularly areas with high human traffic.

Mr Mohd Ismadi, director of MOM's occupational safety and health specialist department, said: "Employers and workers have consistently stepped up to adopt safer workplace arrangements in accordance with changing situations... These concerted efforts have been and will continue to be vital in keeping community transmissions low, and pave the way for a gradual and safe reopening."

As Singapore prepares to move into phase two of the reopening on Friday, the multi-ministry task force set up to combat the coronavirus has stressed that working from home should remain the default option.