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7 months pregnant woman climbs down building to evade CNB

After officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) knocked on the door of a 11th floor unit, a seven months pregnant woman was seen climbing out of the window.

She was then observed scaling down to the eighth floor near the air-con ledge, CNB said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (July 20), which described the incident that happened during a recent operation.

CNB said: "An officer immediately rushed to a stairway near the subject's location and calmed her down such that she did not endanger herself any further."

She was rescued by officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force and, though unharmed, was warded in a hospital for observation because of her pregnancy.

After her safety was ensured, officers gained entry into her unit and found her seven-year-old son alone, along with drug paraphernalia.

Arrangements were made for the welfare of the boy, and he was placed in the custody of a next-of-kin.

Said CNB: "A heart-wrenching scene for all involved - the suspected abuser, the child, and the officers, all except for the trafficker who had been profiting off her addiction."

Last month, CNB posted about another incident during which a nine-month-old baby was found during an anti-drug operation, close to his methamphetamine-abusing mother.

A six-month-old boy was also found in a unit during a drug raid last year.

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