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Against the rules? Woman shooed away from table at Ya Kun outlet

This article is more than 12 months old

She was simply following the rules, it seems.

When a customer of Ya Kun Kaya Toast at City Square Mall left their seat, a woman walked over to occupy the vacant table – only to be shooed off by the eatery’s cashier.

Appalled by the staff's rude behaviour, Suzy Tay took to Facebook on Thursday (June 8) to share her experience. 

According to her, the cashier said the seat was "meant for a person in the queue who was ordering". 

"I asked the cashier, 'Why must I give up my seat?', I was merely following the 'rules' set by Ya Kun itself." 

Tay was referring to a sign at the counter, which stated that customers should find a seat first before queueing to order. 

She added: "I presumed those in the queue already had a table. If they didn't, shouldn’t they get a table first?" 

The cashier, however, still insisted that Tay was in the wrong. Tay also alleged that another staff member chimed in and shouted for her to leave if she wasn't going to place an order. 

"I was shocked and very upset. The staff dealt with this unfairly, and they didn't have to shout." 

Tay's post attracted comments from netizens who shared similar experiences at the franchise, with some pointing out conflicting “rules” at different outlets.