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AirPods at $265? Woman realises scam only after visiting store to get it fixed

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A woman thanked her seller for not being a scammer after he sold her a pair of Apple AirPods Pro Gen 2 for $265, but was soon proven wrong. 

Sharing about the incident on TikTok on Monday (March 20), the woman, who goes by Jia Xuan according to her username, said she was initially suspicious that the item was on sale on Carousell for $100 less than retail price.

The scammer, however, was a smooth operator, and managed to convince her that he was legit. 

On why the low price, he told her the AirPods were gifted to him for his birthday, and that he already owned an Airpods Max. 

Finding the reason “legitimate,” Jia Xuan agreed to purchase it from him. 

He then asked for the payment to be made in cash, explaining that he did not want his mother to know he was selling the Airpods.


I went to iStudio to check if I could fix the malfunctioned side and that’s how I found out it was fake?

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Speaking in hindsight, she said in her video: “If I pay him via cash, there are no receipts... How did I not see the red flag?”

He also taught her how to check the serial number of the item “in detail,” and even gave her an AirPods case for free, which he said cost a dollar. 

"He scammed me [out of] $265 and I thanked him for a $1 case," she said. 

The AirPods ended up connecting to her phone, and so she did not suspect anything was amiss. 

"I even messaged him on Carousell and said: 'Thank you for not being a scammer.'"

She later realised the AirPods were fake when she brought them to an iStudio store to fix a malfunction, and was told they were not genuine. 

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