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All 200 seats for Aloysius Pang memorial snapped up

This article is more than 12 months old

All 200 seats for an event to pay tribute to the late Singapore actor Aloysius Pang have apparently been snapped up.

An online registration website - set up by NoonTalk Media, which is run by his manager Dasmond Koh - is no longer accepting reservations.

Pang, 28, died in January after sustaining serious injuries during a Singapore Armed Forces training exercise in New Zealand. Pang, who was on reservist duty, was crushed between the gun barrel and cabin while carrying out maintenance work in a Self-Propelled Howitzer.

Two soldiers were given fines recently by a military court for their roles in Pang's death.


Last Thursday, Mr Koh announced on NoonTalk Media's Instagram page that a memorial would be held at its office on Jan 5.

Noting it had been almost a year since the tragic incident, the statement said: "As January approaches, we are preparing a simple memorial so friends who miss Pang can come together."

It said the event will not feature any highlights or performances and added: "Friends and the media are welcome to come to NoonTalk Media's office at 3pm on Jan 5, but there are only 200 seats. Don't spend money to buy something. If you want to, you can write your thoughts down in a letter or card. See you then."

Pang's death was mourned by many in Singapore, including his girlfriend, actress Jayley Woo, 28, who posted online then that "my world is gone".