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All small claims to be filed online via new system

This article is more than 12 months old

Those involved in disputes who wish to file a small claim can now do so at any time.

All claims at the Small Claims Tribunals will now be filed online, with the first phase of the State Courts' Community Justice and Tribunals System, an electronic case filing and management system, launched yesterday.

Before this, the small claims process was done manually.

Parties would have to go to the Small Claims Tribunals at the State Courts in person to file their claims and submit documents in hard copy.

They would then have to attend mediation and tribunal hearings, before a tribunal order may be made.

Through the new system, parties can submit their small-claims documents and make payments online, as well as select their court date.

They can also view documents submitted by the other party and monitor their case developments.

A key development is the ability of parties to e-negotiate a settlement on a confidential platform before they go to court.

For example, when a settlement offer is made by the respondent, the claimant will receive a notification to log on to consider it or make a counter-offer.

If an amicable settlement is reached through e-negotiation, the parties may apply online for a tribunal order directly without having to go to court.

If they are unable to do so, the claim will then proceed to the consultation and hearing stages.

Individuals can access the Community Justice and Tribunals System with their SingPass, while businesses can do so with their CorpPass.