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American woman 'acquires taste' for durian after first bite, locals impressed

While many foreigners would run away from the mere smell of durian, one American woman in Singapore was not only brave enough to give it a try – she actually embraced it like a true local.

TikTok user Unicornheatt, who goes by Heather, recently moved here from San Francisco and decided to give local cuisine a go. 

No baby steps – like laksa or rojak– needed for her it seems, as she went straight for the jugular: the mighty Mao Shan Wang.

On Monday (July 31), she posted a TikTok clip of her review of the king of fruits.

Unsure how to eat the durian at first, Heather appeared further hesitant after sniffing the piece in her hand. 

But then she took a bite and immediately approved. 

“It’s good; it’s really fresh. After eating it, the smell’s actually nicer,” she said.

“It’s an acquired taste,” said a person off camera.

Well, this woman acquired it in almost no time.

"Must try if you haven't had (it yet)," she says at the end. 

@unicornheatt trying DURIAN for the first time ft. auntie and uncle reactions 😂 on this episode of american trying new foods in southeast asia hahaa #durian #durianlover #sgfoodie #duriantraveler #sgtiktok #sgexpat ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version - Andy Morris

Not surprisingly, her venturous approach towards durians impressed local netizens.

"Okay, we accept you now," one said in the comments section.