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Amos Yee says he's "extremely remorseful" to former bailor

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Blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang replied to his former bailor, Mr Vincent Law's demand that he apologise for the molest allegations.

He posted on Facebook this morning (May 15) that he was "extremely remorseful for the turmoil" that he caused Mr Law and the latter's family.

The 16-year-old said he was in the process of writing a more detailed apology to Mr Law and his family, which he will complete in about three days.

Mr Law posted on the teenager's wall that he appreciated Yee's apology.



Hi Amos, much appreciated. May God bless you. Regards, Vincent Law.

Posted by Vincent Law on Thursday, May 14, 2015


On Wednesday, (May 13), Yee had made allegations on his Facebook page that his former bailor had molested him.

Mr Law flatly denied those allegations and demanded an "unreserved apology" from the teen.

Speaking to The New Paper on Thursday (May 14), the family and youth counsellor said he had told Yee's parents that he wants the teenager to apologise publicly and fully retract the allegation, otherwise he would "take legal action" for defamation.


In another Facebook post, Yee had admitted that the earlier post was "a troll" to trick the media, adding: "Vincent Law didn't really molest me... though he is immensely creepy."

Mr Law told political website The Online Citizen (TOC) that he found Yee's clarification to be insincere and that it does not fully absolve him from the allegation of molest.

He said: "It is not me who Amos hurt with his allegation, but it is my whole family who was deeply hurt."

Yee was found guilty on Tuesday of uploading an obscene image and making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians, after a two-day trial last week. He will be sentenced on June 2, pending the outcome of a probation report.

Mr Law had put up $20,000 bail on April 21 after Yee's parents refused to do so, but discharged himself as a bailor after Yee breached the conditions of his bail.

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