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Are you the happiest person in Singapore?

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Are you the happiest person in Singapore?

Do you know someone who fits the bill?

This Sunday is International Happiness Day and according to a recently published United Nations survey, the World Happiness Report, Singapore is the happiest country in the Asia Pacific region.

Indeed, with a score of 6.739, the Republic is the 22nd happiest country in the world sandwiched between Mexico at 21 and UK at 23.

For the record, Denmark topped the survey as happiest country in the world.

While the UN looks at the grand picture, we are looking for the happy people with a story to tell.

The New Paper is looking for the Singaporean that can class themselves as truly happy.

Whether it is their lust for life or their happiness from helping others, we want to know their, or indeed, your story.

Send a photo with a short caption telling us your own or their story to

Please include your full name and contact details :)


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