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Attempt to pick fight with lorry falls flat

This article is more than 12 months old

This would be comical if it weren’t so dangerous. Actually it is comical even if it is dangerous - and illegal.

Those reacting to the online video were mostly angry or laughing. At the three jaywalkers who got into a dispute with a lorry driver.

According to SG Road Vigilante, which put up the video on Facebook, the incident happened on Tuesday (Jan 11) at 9.30pm.

A lorry is seen making a turn at the junction of Victoria Street and Rochor Road. The red man is visible in the video but three pedestrians are crossing.

The post said the three got upset that the lorry driver had honked.

One of them throws a small white object, possibly a cigarette, which bounces off the lorry and lands back on the trio.

The driver then completes the turn and moves forward slowly as one of the three walks alongside the lorry, which is on the second lane from the left.

He then gets up on his toes and it looks like he is trying to spit into the passenger side of the lorry's cabin. But he falls down on the road instead.

He gets up quickly and moves to the side of the road. The lorry stops ahead, on the left lane. The video ends with the driver coming out.

One comment by a Facebook user summed it up neatly: “He tripped over his own ego and fell badly.”

Watch the video here:

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