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Auxiliary police officer jailed for abetting girlfriend’s rape in bondage tryst

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During bondage sex with her boyfriend of two years, a woman who was bound and blindfolded found out a male stranger was taking part in their tryst.

It later turned out to be a stranger her boyfriend had met online and invited to take part in a threesome without her knowledge or consent.

It had happened once previously, with her completely oblivious to what was going on.

The boyfriend, a 27-year-old auxiliary police officer, was sentenced to 23 years and 11 months' jail and 24 strokes of the cane yesterday after he admitted that he had abetted the rape of his girlfriend, also 27, first in April 2016 and a second time in August 2016.

He cannot be named to protect the woman's identity.

The High Court heard that the couple had started dating in November 2014 and the woman allowed herself to be physically bound during sex after he cajoled her to try new things.

She also relented when he insisted on recording videos of their sexual encounters. But she drew the line at a threesome.

In 2015, the accused, who used a microblogging platform app to view pornography, contacted another user, Srihari Mahendran, 22.

The accused told Srihari about his sexual fantasy of watching another man having sex with his girlfriend and came up with a plan for the two of them to have a threesome with her, without her knowledge.

In a hotel room on the night of April 29, 2016, the accused tied the woman's hands and blindfolded her. She thought it was part of their usual bondage play.

The accused then let Srihari into the room. After a short while, the accused had sex with the woman before gesturing for Srihari to take over.

In August 2016, the woman arranged for a staycation at a hotel to celebrate the birthday of the accused.

In the early hours of Aug 7, while the victim was sleeping, the accused went to the lobby and brought Srihari to the room. The accused then tied the woman's hands and blindfolded her.

The woman realised that something was amiss. Someone was holding her waist and having sex with her, but at the same time, her blindfold was being adjusted.

When she managed to free her hands and removed her blindfold, she was shocked that there was another person in the room.

She realised her boyfriend had used his laptop to record the episode.

After viewing the videos of a stranger having sex with her, she told the accused: "This is clearly rape, do you know what you have done?"

He begged her not to alert the police, but she demanded that he call Srihari, who had already left, back to the hotel.

At the lobby, the victim told the receptionist she could have been raped. Srihari was detained by hotel staff after the victim pointed him out as the rapist. He and Srihari were later arrested by the police at the hotel.

Yesterday, the accused pleaded guilty to two charges of abetment of rape and one charge of abetment of sexual assault by penetration.

Another 54 charges, including unrelated offences for making obscene films and insulting the modesty of two other women, were taken into consideration.

The case against Srihari's is pending, and his trial is scheduled for next Januarynext year.