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Bentos, burgers and 'bad' dads: The best Singapore blogs this year

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Fresh. Creative. Engaging. These are the characteristics of the blogs that came out on top at the Singapore Blog Awards.

Organised by, Singapore's first bilingual (English and Mandarin) web portal, it honours the top blogs in Singapore as well as favourite influencers.

This year's edition of the Singapore Blog Awards, held at F. Club Singapore on Thursday (July 23), saw bloggers vie for 27 coveted awards including Best Cooking Blog and Best Family Blog.

Here are five unique ones that caught our attention.

The Domestic Goddess Wannabe


Type: Food

Owner: Diana Gale

Food lover Diana Gale deservedly took home the awards for Best Cooking Blog and Most Popular Cooking Blog. 

With a plethora of recipes, ranging from breakfast food to cakes and dessert, The Domestic Goddess Wannabe is unrivalled in terms of variety.

It features Ms Gale's own spins on bold dishes such as Guinness Beef Stew (yes, with actual stout), common desserts like cheesecake, as well as timeless local favourites such as Otah Bread.

Her goal is to "demystify some of the myths that people have about cooking and baking" and to do so, she makes her recipes as easy to follow as possible.

Visit her here if you'd like to whip up something new in your kitchen.


Little Miss Bento


Type: Topical

Owner: Shirley Wong

This is quite possibly one of the most adorable — or as the Japanese say, "kawaii"— blogs on the Internet right now.

Little Miss Bento, the winner of Best Topical Blog, is your one-stop destination for just about anything Japanese.

As a huge fan of Japanese culture, blogger Shirley Wong writes passionately about her adventures in the Land of The Rising Sun and shares creative Japanese snack recipes with readers.

Ms Wong, who also happens to be an award-winning bento artist, has filled her blog with photos of her stunning creations and posted step-by-step guides to help fellow bento lovers create their own bento sets.

Want to learn how to make a Baymax bento set? Visit her here.


McDonald's Around The World


Type: Food/Travel

Owner: TravellingMcDs

Since its inception, McDonald's has expanded into more than 100 countries around the world, meaning there are likely hundreds of variations to its menu.

The exclusivity of each country's McDonald's menu means that items such as the Super Spicy Red Hot Chicken with Rice and Red Tea Sundae can only be found in Thailand and Taiwan respectively.

So if you ever find yourself in a dilemma over what to eat while on holiday or have the urge to go McDonald's hopping, then TravellingMcDs is the blogger you should turn to.

The McDonald's guru has spent years tasting and reviewing items from McDonald's outlets and is always on the lookout for new burgers, fries or sundaes to try. 

Visit him here.


Pohtecktoes - Traveling In The Moment


Type: Travel

Owner: Hendric Tay

"Life is too short not to live in the now and travel in the moment," says travel blogger Hendric Tay, who took home Best Travel Blog. 

With a GoPro and a craving for adventure, the travel enthusiast left his job to pursue his dream of travelling the world two years ago. 

His experiences in countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Mongolia and Australia are chronicled in Pohtecktoes.

At this point, you may be asking: "How does he fund his trips?" 

Although his priority is seeing the world, Mr Tay still does freelance media work. He also looks for ways to save money without having to compromise on the quality of his trips.

He spent a total of 76 days in four South American countries for just S$6,700. Visit him here to find out how he did it.


Rascal Dads


Type: Family

Owners: Victor Lai and Darren How

Follow the escapades of two father and son pairs in a blog that's hilarious but at the same time very relatable.

Bloggers and dads Victor Lai and Darren How aren't ashamed to admit that they "completely suck" at giving their children the best childhood possible, and their unique collection of stories bagged them the award for Best Family Blog. 

They blog in both English and Mandarin. 

In one of Mr How's stories, his son Pangzi deals with a couple of IKEA Smaland bullies, though not quite in the way he had in mind.

It's like reading an Asian version of hit TV show Modern Family. 

Visit them here.

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