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Bring your brolly as afternoon showers expected in first two weeks of November

Pack an umbrella when you head out as afternoon thundery showers are expected on most days in the first half of November.

The showers may also extend into the evening on a few days, said Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Wednesday.

This is because inter-monsoon conditions are expected to set in during the first week of November, while the south-west monsoon is coming to an end.

The inter-monsoon period is characterised by light and variable winds, and thunderstorms that may at times be heavy.

Lightning activity also tends to be higher during the inter-monsoon months than in other months of the year, said MSS.

November is typically one of the wettest months for Singapore, the weatherman added.

For the first two weeks of November, daily maximum temperatures are expected to range between 33 deg C and 35 deg C on most days.

While showers are expected on most days, below-average rainfall is expected in the first fortnight of November.

October was generally warm, with daily maximum temperatures above 34 deg C on 25 days.

On Oct 9, temperatures exceeded 35 deg C in several parts of Singapore, with 36.3 deg C recorded in Admiralty. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Singapore in the October month, surpassing the previous record high of 35.7 deg C recorded on Oct 14, 2001, and Oct 13, 2019.

In the second half of October, short-duration thundery showers fell over parts of the island in the afternoon on most days, with showers extended into the evening on a few days.

The highest daily total rainfall recorded for the month was 88.4mm in Jurong West on Oct 23.

With the increased showers over Singapore and the surrounding region later in October, the haze situation also gradually improved, following the haze episode that affected Singapore on Oct 7 and 8.