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Cafe supervisor commended by police for stopping robber

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A man was attacked in an attempted robbery at a traffic light one evening, and several people nearby just watched.

But Mr Elhakem Abobakr Mohammad Emadeldeen, 38, an Egyptian cafe supervisor, who was waiting to cross the road, rushed forward and confronted the assailant.

When the suspect tried to escape, Mr Abobakr detained him until police arrived.

He was among 10 recipients of the Public-Spiritedness Award from Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police Jarrod Pereira, Commander of Clementi Police Division, yesterday.

Mr Abobakr said the incident happened on Toh Tuck Road on Jan 27 at about 9.30pm. He said he was waiting to cross the road and on the other side was a man in his early 30s.

He noticed a dark-skinned man with long yellow hair crossing the road and assaulting the other man.

Mr Abobakr said: "He (the assailant) tried to take his (the victim's) phone from him. When he didn't succeed, he slapped him."

Mr Abobakr said the slap was so hard it caused the victim's face to become red and swollen. The assailant also tried to snatch the victim's bag and kicked him after he shouted. He asked the victim to call the police and approached the assailant, who had moved away.

He stood in front of him and blocked his path. The assailant then started speaking incomprehensibly to him.

Mr Abobakr said: "He was trying to pretend he was crazy so I would leave him."

The man attacked the victim again, then turned on Mr Abobakr, who defended himself. After the tussle, the assailant apologised to Mr Abobakr and the victim and tried to get them to pity him.

But Mr Abobakr remained unmoved. The police arrived and arrested the assailant.

10 presented with Public-Spiritedness Award
Some of the recipients of the award: (from Left) Mr Hossen Mohammad Forhad, Mr Islam Zahirul, Mr Hosen Mohammad, Mr Yeo Kok Kien, Mr Sushil Kumar, Mr Harpreet Singh and Mr Kaliyaperumal Asaithambi.TNP PHOTOS: KELVIN CHNG

Mr Abobakr said: "You cannot see people getting attacked and watch. One day you might be in this situation and if nobody helps, it is over.

"There were seven people passing by. If they had said 'Hey what you are doing?' he would have run away (without attacking the victim)."

Police are investigating.

Other award recipients included three Indian and three Bangladeshi construction workers and their safety officer. They had apprehended a man suspected of criminal trespass and mischief at a construction site.

AC Pereira said: "These outstanding individuals did not turn a blind eye to wrongdoings occurring right before them, but instead, stepped in to make a difference.

"They have demonstrated commendable acts of valour and public-spiritedness, and we want to recognise them."