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Can this driver still be on our roads?

This is havoc. And could have turned into tragedy but for about a metre and a couple of seconds.

A video posted online shows a car zooming through a red traffic light as a pedestrian is crossing, missing her narrowly.

The post, on the Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road Facebook page, says it happened on Lentor Avenue on Thursday (Dec 30).

The video appears to be from the dashcam of a car waiting on the centre lane as the red Audi speeds past on the right.

The pedestrian is seen looking at her phone but halts as the car passes her and then goes on crossing, though she takes one more look to see if there is more of the same coming.

The green man for the pedestrian appears to be flashing, which would indicate that the light for vehicles had been red for some time.

The post has attracted some 400 comments, pointing out that the rain made the car’s speed even more reckless, calling for action against the driver, warning of the perils of being phone zombies, and so on.

Watch the video here: