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Career criminal guilty of sexually assaulting 2 sisters

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Posing as a Housing Board officer, a paedophile and career criminal tricked a 16-year-old neighbour into his flat in May last year, where he sexually assaulted her and recorded the abuse on his mobile phone.

After her 21/2-hour ordeal, the victim was forced at knifepoint to call her 12-year-old sister to the flat. The younger girl suffered the same abuse after she was made to watch videos of the attack on her sister.

Four hours after she was abducted, the older girl managed to send out a plea for help to her friends.

When the police came knocking, Hussain Samat locked the girls in the flat's toilet.

But the older girl convinced him to let them go by telling him that they would tell the police they were playing a prank. Instead, she told them about her ordeal and he was arrested.

Yesterday, Hussain, 53, pleaded guilty to eight charges - three of aggravated sexual assault by penetration, one of attempted aggravated rape, one of aggravated molestation, one of impersonating a public servant, one of making an obscene film and one of showing an obscene film to a young person.

The accused is clearly a menace to society and is incapable of reform. He is a danger to the public. Deputy Public Prosecutor David Khoo

Another 21 charges, including abduction, will be considered during sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Khoo sought the maximum term of 20 years' preventive detention for Hussain, to protect the public by ensuring he is "taken out of circulation".

Since 1985, Hussain has been fined, jailed and caned for various offences, including armed robbery.

In 2001, he was given 14 years' preventive detention and six strokes for sexual offences against a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl.

"The accused is clearly a menace to society and is incapable of reform. He is a danger to the public," said the DPP.

His most recent offences took place on May 6 last year, when Hussain hatched a plan to rob his neighbours by impersonating an HDB officer.

When he got to the sisters' flat, he claimed someone had complained that their family had thrown rubbish near the central rubbish chute. The girls' mother denied this.

Hussain later returned to the flat and told their mother that one of the girls had to follow him to sign a document stating they did not throw rubbish.

The older sister volunteered to go. After she signed a piece of paper, he beckoned her to follow him to his flat, then tricked her into entering before locking the door behind them.

He then threatened to slash the girl's face and demanded sex. He tried to rape her but failed, and went on to perform other sex acts on her.

Hussain then ordered the victim to phone her younger sister, who complied with his demands after he warned her he would cut her sister's face if she did not follow the acts in the videos.

The case will be heard again on Dec 17.