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Carousell listing of man in underwear invites bids

This article is more than 12 months old

Online marketplaces and e-commerce sites often offer products that you might not be able to find in brick-and-motar stores... including the weird and nasty.

Stomper Kieran recently came across a Carousell listing for underwear that left him disturbed.

He said: "A man was selling 'off-white' coloured underwear through bidding. Despite stating it's brand new, it appears to be a worn piece. What's more intriguing is the obscene photo in the Carousell listing."

The seller had invited users to bid for the item, categorised under 'New Underwear', by stating in the listing: "Highest listing starting from $10, PM for request".

The listing was accompanied by a close-up photo of a man's groin area clad in off-white underwear. A large bulge is visible.

Checks by Stomp found that the listing was accessible on Thursday morning (Nov 10) but was subsequently removed in the afternoon.

Kieran added: "I feel really disturbed to have someone modelling with a close-up obscene shot of his genitals. Furthermore, he was trying to sell a brand new piece and the one pictured is clearly worn. It is unclear what his intentions are."

Dangerous, inappropriate and offensive, as well as illegal products are not allowed Carousell's marketplace. This includes adult content, such as pornography and materials with nudity or implied nudity.

Preloved undergarments or intimate items like panties and underwear also fall under prohibited adult content.

For more listing rules and guidelines, users may refer to Carousell's Help Centre. A full list of prohibited content can be found here.

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