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Choose the right colours for your work space

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Don't choose the wrong colour for your work space, since it may affect your work performance.

Colours are like energies, and each colour evokes a different kind of energy.

Business experts have long supported the positive psychological effects that colours can have on employees.

Here are the colours, along with their effects:

Red/Orange - energetic

Shades of red and orange arouse mental activity.

Sprinkling small amounts of red and orange in an office, such as painting an accent wall or purchasing brightly coloured accessories, can create an energetic environment.

Yellow - happy

This colour also arouses mental activity.

Yellow raises self-esteem, because it is often associated with cheerfulness. Consider using yellow for your accent walls, decor or furniture.

Blue, green - calm, creative

Both colours, along with violet, can relax our mind.

This is because the colours are commonly found in nature.

Since workers spend most of their days inside fluorescent-lit offices, any relation to the outside world makes people feel better.

Consider making your office more green with fresh plants or forest-like hues.

Pastels - calming

The softer hues can also be helpful in stressful office environments. If your office space has few windows or low ceilings, consider pastel colors like peach or lilac.

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